Fired Up!
November 2005

  • Face the Music
    (lyrics and music M. Christian, arr. J. D. Moore)
  • Sweet Woman
    (lyrics J. Wysong, music C. Williamson, arr. J. D. Moore)
  • Family Maiden Aunt
    (lyrics and music J. Small, arr. J. R. Miller)
  • On Children
    (lyrics K. Gibran, music Y. M. Barnwell)

Vocal InFusion

  • Crushes
    (lyrics and music A. Dobkin, arr. K. Escovitz)


  • Leaping Lesbians
    (lyrics and music S. Fink, arr. C. Allen)
  • Fired Up!
    (lyrics and music H. Near, arr. J. D. Moore)
  • Down at the Twist and Shout
    (lyrics and music MC Carpenter, arr. R. Emerson)
  • Passionate Kisses
    (lyrics and music L. Williams, arr. S. Smith)
    [Solos: K. Rowan, C. Reid, D. Furgerson]
  • Tuesday Morning
    (lyrics and music M. Etheridge and J. C. Taylor, arr. R. Huber)
  • Thank You
    (lyrics and music D. Armstrong and P. Herman, arr. R. Huber)
  • Big Boned Gal
    (lyrics and music by k d lang and B. Mink, arr. D. Jue)
  • Angel
    (lyrics and music S. McLachlan, arr. M. Brymer)
  • Closer to Fine
    (lyrics and music E. Saliers, arr. P. Kovacovic, recorded by the Indigo Girls)
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