Elemental Woman
May 2002
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
First Congregational Church, San Jose

  • Oh, Mama Bakudala
    (South African Folk Song)

  • On Children
    (Y. Barnwell & K. Gibran)

  • Sister
    (C. Williamson)

  • The Earth Is Singing My Name
    (D. Nivar & M. Helms)

  • Fire
    (P. Taylor & M.Goetze)

  • Stars
    (L Kuzmenko, words from the students of Faywood School)

  • When She Loved Me
    (R. Newman, arr. Smith)

  • Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia
    (D.L. Brunner)

  • Harriet Tubman
    (W. Robinson, arr. J. Coates Jr.)

  • Set Me As A Seal
    (R. Clausen)

  • Miss Celie’s Blues
    (Q. Jones, r. Temperton, L. Richie, arr. J.D. Moore)

  • The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water

  • WindSong
    (R. Huber)

  • I Have a Million Nightingales
    (L. Hirschhorn, text adapted from the poetry of M. Darwish)

  • Bim Bam (a Jewish song from the Nigun tradition)

  • The Ocean is the Beginning of the Earth
    (S. & D. Johnson)

  • The Okulam
    (F. Okulam, from the collection Earth Songs)

  • Jami Vitr (Spring Breeze)
    (translated from Czech)
    [Solo: S. Wasitova]

  • Lost in California
    (R. Huber)
    [Solo: R. Huber]

  • Stormy Weather
    (H. Arlen, T. Koehler)
    [Solo: M. Morales]

  • The Rose
    (A. McBroom)
    [Solo: Corinne Bilz]

  • If Ever I Would Leave You
    (Words A.J. Lerner, music F. Loewe, arr. K. Shaw)

  • Simply Love
    (H. Near, arr. S. Milloy)

  • One Fine Day
    (G. Goffin and C. King, arr. M. Huff)

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