Gifts From Around the World
November 1999
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
Christ the Good Shepherd Church, San Jose

  • Gifts From Around the World
    (Words and music by R. Huber)

  • Seven Principles
    (Words and music by B.J. Reagon)

  • La Lluvia
    (Words and music by S. Hatfield)

  • The Lark In the Clean Air
    (Irish Traditional, arr. S. Calvert)

  • Besame Mucho
    (Words and music by C. Velasquea and S. Skylar, arr. K. Shaw)

  • Would You Harbor Me?
    (Words and music by Y. Barnwell, transcribed by S. Coffee)

  • The Great Peace March
    (Words and music by H. Near)
    [Solo: D. Breitenbach]

  • Reflection
    (Words and music by M. Wilder, arr. M. Huff)

  • Uzia Zeria (Roars and Sparkles)
    (Lithuanian Folk Song, arr. A. Raciunas)

  • Colde and Fugue Season
    (From Bach’s Fugue in G Minor, arr. E. Foncamor)

  • String of Pearls
    (Words and music by J. Gray and E. De Lange)

  • What a Wonderful World
    (Words and music by G. Weiss and B. Thigle)

  • Song for Bridget (Traditional)

  • Soran Bushi
    (Japanese Folk Song, arr. W. Stuart)

  • White Christmas
    (Words and music by I. Berlin)

  • Shadows On the Rock
    (Words and music by J.R. Miller)

  • Tree of Life
    (Words and music by R. Huber)
    [Solo: R. Huber]

  • Why Am I Painting the Living Room?
    (Words and music by P. and L. Berryman, arr. J.R. Miller)

  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    (Words and music by H. Martin and R. Blane, arr. P. Schmutte)

  • Light One Candle
    (Words and music by P. Yarrow, arr. R. Huber)

  • River in Judea
    (Words and music by J. Feldman, arr. J. Leavitt)

Guest Artist: Maiko Women’s Drum and Poetry Ensemble

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