Spring Into Pride
May 1999
Luis Valdez Theater (Independence H.S. Campus), San Jose

  • This Island Earth
    (By The Nylons, arr. Caroline)

  • World Through the Eyes of a Child
    (Words and music by J. Kuzma)

  • Miniatures of Kin (The Gathering, Sisters, Cousins, Parting)
    (by J.G. Bray)

  • I Love How You Love Me
    (Words and music by B. Mann and L. Kolber, arr. A. Billingsley)

  • Heroes
    (Music and lyrics by A. Reed, arr. A. Reed and A. Ruth)

  • Sojourner Truth
    (Music by N. Manycats, words adapted from Sojourner Truth)

  • Two Native American Songs (Ancient Mother, The Earth Is Our Mother, Trilogy)
    (Arr. J. Fjell, from Anonymous, “Testimony” by Ferron, and words by Ntozake Shange)

  • Voice of Conscience
    (Words and music by R. Huber)
    [Solo: R. Huber]

  • Power Tools
    (Music by J. Styne, arr. J. Styne and A. Ruth)

  • Caffeine Blues
    (Words and music by R. Huber)

  • Rainbow Women, Comin’ Home
    (Words and music by R. Huber)

  • You Get Proud By Practicing
    (By L. Hershey and D. Benjamin)

  • You Bet
    (Words by H. Near, music by M. Christian)
    [Solo: D. Breitenbach]

  • River of Birds
    (By the Oregon Women’s Land Community, as sung by Libana, add. arr. R. Huber)

  • Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (Scottish Folk Song)
    (Arr. L. Walter, text by R. Burns)

  • And Nature Smiled
    (By A. Koepke)

  • Hymn To Freedom
    (Words by H. Hamilton, music by O. Peterson, arr. S. Hovi)

  • To Be Strong
    (Music and lyrics by L. Berkson, arr. J. David Moore)

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