Hearts Afire
June 1998
San Jose Women's Club

  • Strong and Beautiful Women
    (Music and lyrics by D.X. Johnson)

  • Rainbow Women/Comin’ Home
    (Words and music by R. Huber)

  • Joan of Arc
    (Words and music by R. Huber)

  • Love Song for Women
    (Words and music by R. Huber)

  • This We Know
    (Music by R. Jeffers, text by Chief Seattle)

  • And She Will Rise
    (Words and music by D. Butterfield)

  • Keep the Fire
    (Words and music by B.J. Brown)

  • Annie
    (Words and music by F. Small, J. Hulting, and V. Schmidt)

  • Something About the Women
    (Words and music by H. Near, arr. J. Stasack)

  • We Shall Be Free
    (S. Davis and G. Brooks, arr. K. Christopher)

Guest Artist: Margie Adam

Margie Adam and RWC:

  • Wake-up Call
    (Music and lyrics by M. Adam)
  • How Many?
    (Music and lyrics by M. Adam)
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